Sunday, April 29, 2012

IF Jump

Jumpin' In!
Water Soluble Pencil on 9x12 140# Canson Watercolor Paper
©2012 BEDeuel/Bronson Hill Arts
The topic for this week's Illustration Friday is "Jump". And, with summer (hopefully) coming, thoughts turn to water, fun, even a little freedom from the humdrum.

While I've never had the opportunity, nor, likely,the nerve, to swing over a body of water and just jump into it, it's one of those images that defines summer and childhood in my mind.

No fear, no constraints. Uninhibited joy in a moment of daring. No hesitation in pursuit of happiness.

Full awareness of bodily injury, or even death, would make it impossible for me to possibly contemplate this type of stunt. Age can be self-perpetuating: physical safety tends to allow one to continue to age. Not a bad thing, really.

But, what about taking that sense of abandon to our emotional and mental endeavors? Why not look for a challenge and "jump" on it? No fear, no constraints. No hesitation in pursuit of happiness.

While there's no guarantee that I won't be one of those 80-year-old ladies who decide to skydive before they leave this earthly life, for now, I think I'll settle for some mental gymnastics over the physical ones. Mind challenges can be just as stimulating if you truly put yourself out there!

Enjoy the week, friends!


  1. Not being a very brave soul I'd have to skip jumping on ropes across bodies of water, however, your nymph looking guy/gal here is delightful. fun drawing!

    1. Thanks, Lynn!I kinda had Peter Pan in mind as I was drawing him; you caught that!

      Have a great, creative week!



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