Monday, December 24, 2012

IF "Glow"

‘Tis the season, so we hear! The snow has arrived in just the right amount; a trace to dust the grass gracefully. Enough to be able to say, maybe, just maybe, we’ll have the traditional “white Christmas”.

Of course, the idea of the “traditional” can be difficult to pin down. What might be traditional to one, may be new or bizarre to another. In Florida, a white Christmas might indicate the beginning of the end of the world. Unless we’re talking about “white” sand!

As the Illustration Friday topics have come along, I’ve approached them as traditional pieces of art, or cartoon-like illustrations. There is an option for “digital” art which, not being proficient in Photoshop and such, I’ve avoided. Until now… Consider it a new approach to a traditional form for me.

What tradition would you like to do differently? Or would you not want to change a thing?

Hope the illustration reminds you of the beauty of the winter, of the coming of the season!

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